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Publishers for the Diaspora writers and poets Skylark Publications UK A Non-Profit Foundation

Our event at the House of Lords packed with readings, projects, awards and book launches was a great success.

From left:Bobby Nayyar, Usha Akella, Divya Mathur, Zata Banks, Baroness Prashar, Lord Parekh, Yogesh Patel (introducing Word Masala Foundation), Debjani Chatterjee, Priya Patel, Daljit Nagra, Shanta Acharya, Reginal Massey, Usha Kishore and Emma Wright

Poets who also attended and can’t be seen in this limited long shot are

Meena Alexander, Kavita A Jindal and Sid Bose

Publishers who also attended and can’t be seen in this limited long shot are

Jane Commane, Jamie and Laura McGarry, Dr Todd Swift, Angela Jarman, C B Patel

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Skylark was launched in 1969 in India as a quarterly on the contemporary literature in translation by the late Baldev Mirza and Yogesh Patel as its editors. After 100 printed issues and a few books, it completed its journey. Reinvented, its independent journey began in England as the publishers with plans to help diasporic writing and expat literature.


It is currently promoting South-Asian poets and writers through various channels, including Word Masala books, events, awards and ezine. In 2015, it has started honouring very important poets of the Diaspora dedicating once a month an ezine to one of the ranks as a Poet-of-the-Month. The ezine is extremely successful in achieving many objectives. Please find out more here.  

Word Masala, a non-profit Foundation has Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Lord Dholakia,  as its patrons and Dr Debjani Chatterjee MBE as a Consultant Edior. It aims to promote the Diasporic writers and poets through various channels.

We have started honouring South-Asian poets each month through our ezine, highlighting their representative poem, and their bio. Every month  the ezine is packed with  very useful information on markets and submissions open. Find out what else we offer by clicking here.

Current requirements can be found here.

Please join our group to help each other. Write a review on a book by the other members. Then ask us to submit it to the selected magazines for you if you cannot.



The first British-Indian poet in this series is MONA DASH a fresh emerging voice with one collection already under her belt in India.

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Reception at the Palace

Yogesh Patel with The Queen representing poetry and the Word Masala Foundation. The breadth of our work across is now internationally sought and enjoyed by many poets. The invitation at the Buckingham Palace was for the launch of UK-India Year of Culture 2017. Thanks to British Council and Baroness Prashar for making sure that poetry and its impact on our lives

were not forgotten in the cultural aspects where celebrity, fashion and business dominate.

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Swimming with Whales

Word Masala announces

2018 Awards

Trailblazing Poets

Sujata Bhatt

Cyril Dabydeen

Ravi Shankar


Usha Akella, Debjani Chatterjee

Kavita A. Jindal, Yogesh Patel

Saleem Peeradina

Lord Parekh & Lord Dholakia

2017 event  supported by

Nominations for the awards

Poets are primarily nominated by our present winners, the editor, the guest editors, and patrons of Word Masala. But we have a panel as well. 2018 panel is listed on our home page. This then leads to further consultation in the background with feedback received from a wider group. Reading their work becomes an important part of this process. The decision of the Director of Word Masala Non-Profit Foundation, with the agreement of the patrons Lord Parekh, Lord Dholakia and Malhar Patel, the Publisher-Director of Skylark Publications UK, is final. An invitation is then issued to the respective poet.

The awards are not automatic as we have a responsibility to acknowledge and celebrate the extra-ordinary achievements of our featured poets. Hopefully, this will also draw urgent attention to their work from magazine editors, publishers, agents, and libraries.

Our major event in 2017 took place

on 4 October at the National Poetry Library, Southbank

The Poetry and the literary establishment in the UK remain in denial of British Indian poets. Anyone can look at poetry magazines and also take in the audience at poetry events to distil the fact that these important contributors to English literature are utterly ignored. With this in mind, 4th October, 2017 was an important date when with the help of the British Council and the Poetry Library, Yogesh Patel, the director-poet of Word Masala Foundation, took the diaspora poets to the hub of the poetry scene in the UK. He hosted a rare outing of British-Indian poetry to celebrate the four fresh collections of poems published this year though ignored by the mainstream in the U.K. A mixed audience discovered the unknown voices of diversity. Yogesh Patel introduced each poet with his critical analysis of their work and the specially written poems on their work. Mona Dash read from her collection, A Certain Way, published by Skylark in March. Rishi Dastidar and Dr Bashabi Fraser received Word Masala Award presented by Chris McCabe, the librarian, and Dr Vijay Anand, the editor of Confluence. Their books, Ticker-tape, published by Nine Arches Press, and The Homing Bird, published by Indigo Dreams came out in June.

Yogesh Patel launched his own long awaited and critically acclaimed collection to be published on 1st November 2017, Swimming with Whales, available internationally from all bookshops and web portals.  After reading from her own work, poet Dr Debjani Chatterjee introduced Yogesh Patel as “This is a man who not only writes his own poetry but has made it his mission to promote diaspora poets”. Yogesh Patel read a couple of his poems from this new collection with haunting whale music and sounds playing in the background.

The recording of this event is archived by the Poetry Library and Southbank

Please enjoy it at:

Dr Vijay Anand (Confluence) and Chris McCabe (The Poetry Library) present Word Masala Awards to Bashabi Fraser and Rishi Dastidar



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